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Now that everybody is most likely paying respects to their departed loved ones in observance of All Soul’s Day, I can’t help but recall about the burial site of our Badjao brothers and sisters during my recent visit in Zamboanga. Badjaos are one of our many ethnolinguistic groups in the country; better known as the sea-dwelling people. They used to have the coasts of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Zamboanga as their home but, thanks to the threats they faced, they left their floating homes to find solace elsewhere.

After this short stay in the lagoon, Kuya Richard told us we can also visit the Badjao cemetery before we head off to Sta. Cruz Island and its pinkish white sand. As you would expect from people with eternal bond with seas, their graveyard served as an exhibition of wooden boats and possibly carefully-designed toldas that served as shields against the elements. I…

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