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Traveling Dahl

Waldo and I took a quick breather in Baguio City last weekend. Our itinerary involves gabfest with my college best friend-turned-kumare and godmother duties to her newborn angel, unofficial baby shower with my expectant friend-slash-kumare-to-be and tourist guide duties to my boyfriend. It’s his first time to reach the highlands.

That’s the challenge. I’ve been to Baguio countless times and the last time I took the tourist route was in freshman year in college (read: photo opp with the lion’s head along Kennon Road, Saturday morning in Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to watch the drill and swoon over the cadets, the works!). It’s always an affair with the locals each time I visit this cold city, except for that time I helped produce Saleng: Bonfires for Peace in Oh My Gulay for Traveling Bonfires in summer 2010.

Now, where should I take him? In my mind, Baguio is an endless stage that…

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