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As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day today, I would like to recall a very romantic gathering I was truly blessed to witness. Back in October 2011, my friends and I were invited to attend the Talaandig Festival in Songco, Bukidnon. Talaandigs are one of the indigenous groups in the mentioned province.

We were truly fortunate to have met datus and baylans who helped us understand and appreciate their heritage (blogged about it here). Aside from that, we got to witness a tribal wedding. Our hosts Datu Anilaw and his wife Lorie tied the knot during last year’s Talaandig Festival. This time, we got to witness Datu Anilaw’s nephew marry his girlfriend who happens to be from a different tribe in Bukidnon. And the hopeless romantic in me clasps my hands together and sigh.

We were told that being garbed in red and/or ethnic accessories is a great demonstration of partaking in the Talaandig festivities…

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