Traveling Dahl

When we parted ways from our getaway in Camiguin in 2011, Lorie and I felt sure we will see each other again in the future. If it won’t be in the succeeding Talaandig Festival celebration, we knew we will catch up on each other’s lives in Manila.

When she arrived in Quezon City in November last year, I was delighted to know that I was just a few blocks away from her brother’s home. This calls for a meet-up! Through her posts on Facebook, I learned about her new advocacy: helping women weavers of Tagulwanen Tribe in the trade. I was greatly impressed with their apparently tedious handiwork in each photo she uploaded. And I expected to be more love-struck the moment I see the precious mats in person.

Lorie narrated how she got involved in this project. How her eyes sparkled with pride when she recounted finding her…

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