Traveling Dahl

In April 2007, Joyce, my classmate in graduate school, invited our all-girl group to a quick sembreak getaway in her hometown in Pagsanjan. This weekend trip involves shooting the rapids en route to Pagsanjan Falls, enjoying a festive lunch in their farm in Cavinti, touring Caliraya and sole searching in Liliw.

Guess which one excites me the most? Of course, it’s the encounter with the wild water to Pagsanjan Falls! Were you thinking the shoe shopping segment? Well, it ranks second. I guess I’m not imeldific or kikay enough. And I can already imagine you arguing “There’s Imelda in everyone!” I guess that’s true if I could afford to spoil my flat feet and give in to every craving for shoes. In this side trip to Liliw, I realized it’s possible.

The Liliw Festival was ongoing during our visit so we can’t haggle much. But then again, they were selling their…

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