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Dances With Fat

This is a re-re-post.  In fact it’s a DWF tradition.  Today I got my first e-mails and comments from readers who are worried about buying swimsuits, so today I post this.  Enjoy! 

Do you know Golda Poretsky?  You should.  She is a very cool woman doing great work in the Body Positive Community. Her site is Body Love Wellness and I highly recommend it.

Yesterday she tweeted;  “Rec’d a link to “How Not To Look Fat In A Swimsuit”. Wld ♥ to see “How Not To Obsess Abt Looking Fat In A Swimsuit & F-ing Enjoy Yourself”

Well Golda, your wish is my command!

Seriously, let’s talk about this.  It seems that almost every woman I know, of any size, starts to have panic attacks the first time she sees swimsuits out on the floor of her favorite store;  their pesky cheerfulness belying their greater purpose of  prodding us into…

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Holy Wednesday, 27.03.2013 and Good Friday, 29.03.2013


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Back-to-back dreams! This is a rarity!

In my dream this Wednesday, I courageously booked a solo flight to Bacolod…without any itinerary! This is highly uncharacteristic of me, considering my control issues and budget constraints. I haven’t been to Bacolod myself and, now that I’m wide awake, I’m thinking the possible attractions: a football match I’m itching to watch or the availability to live and study in a Buddhist temple for 3 months.

Imagine my shock to realize how star-studded this dream turned out to be. Upon arrival in the airport, I spotted my old classmate in graduate school named Ayi. She’s headed elsewhere alone. This is not surprising. Then I saw a bunch of old colleagues from Sykes. They seem to be on a reunion trip of some sort. Unfortunately, I can’t recall anyone of them right now. But I remember urging one guy to approach my old batchmate and fellow Bacoor resident. Ralph is home for a vacay! In real life, I heard he’ll be coming home from California soon.

The parade of the stars didn’t end there. When I arrived, I discovered my at-work-and-at-play friend named Daena is in town! Actually, I can’t recall who found who. As you would expect, Daena took it upon herself to be tour guide. I should feel disappointed to be with someone during my solo travel. But Daena is the perfect company; she’s the kind who will leave you behind for her own solo time and she can easily detect when I need one, too.

Dreamt of Daena! (Image via Bitstrips)

Dreamt of Daena! (Image via Bitstrips)

During the wee hours today, I had a bad dream. I went on lunch out with my colleagues Ehms and Fao. We’re looking for a trike to take us to our desired restaurant. There’s none available for us yet, but a trike just arrived. I was in an engaging conversation with my office pals when my eyes landed on one of the 3 passengers of the trike in front of us (yeah, all 3 of them in one seat). She stared back, too.

She looked familiar, but it was hard to determine who she was. Then it eventually dawned on me why I didn’t. She slimmed down, as she claimed before, and well… she belonged to my blocked list on Facebook. In short, End of Beautiful Friendship. Or FO (Friendship Over) to some people.

She’s with a gay friend I met through her and with MY own gay friend. How did that happen? Anyway, I’m not sure if they snubbed me because they’re with her or they simply didn’t recognize me. Judging how suddenly loud this old friend was when she came out of the trike, her company should have wondered why she’s seeking attention and looked around.

How did I feel? I’m bothered why her escorts didn’t notice me. If they took her side,  that’s sad. But then again, I’m not the kind who’ll make her friends choose between me and the other. They’re grown-ups already. If this were true in real life, I wish them well.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’re either sick of my back-to-back fangirling tweets or confused as to why I’m too attracted to Master Chef finalist Ivory Yat instead of, say, the yummy judge Chef Jayps Anglo. Well, I’m crushing on the latter, too, but I just can’t explain why I’m so drawn to the former. In my recollection of our quick meet-and-greet here, I blamed it on her passion for pasta and plating and playful energies. After I’ve met her, I was more convinced that she’s the ultimate role model for us Pinay curvies – she’s confident, determined, beautiful, passionate, comical, healthy and…and I can go on all day!

When our communication team announced that they’re giving away tickets for the live cook-off, I made sure to send a carefully-composed reason for rooting for Ivory even if it were not required. And urge my teammates to…

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Traveling Dahl

As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day today, I would like to recall a very romantic gathering I was truly blessed to witness. Back in October 2011, my friends and I were invited to attend the Talaandig Festival in Songco, Bukidnon. Talaandigs are one of the indigenous groups in the mentioned province.

We were truly fortunate to have met datus and baylans who helped us understand and appreciate their heritage (blogged about it here). Aside from that, we got to witness a tribal wedding. Our hosts Datu Anilaw and his wife Lorie tied the knot during last year’s Talaandig Festival. This time, we got to witness Datu Anilaw’s nephew marry his girlfriend who happens to be from a different tribe in Bukidnon. And the hopeless romantic in me clasps my hands together and sigh.

We were told that being garbed in red and/or ethnic accessories is a great demonstration of partaking in the Talaandig festivities…

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Hear ye! Hear ye! The swap meet is happening in less than 12 hours and here’s a sneak peek of the items for swap! Woohoo!

It’s been weeks since the invite to our first swap meet‘s been sent out. Now’s our turn to inform you who’s coming and what they’re bringing. And we’re so grateful that, in a span of less than 3 weeks, we received lots of inquiries, email from eager participants and – the most surprising of all – email from generous plus size lines that will give away some of their samples for the lucky participants! Are you ready for our little sneak preview?

I’ve always been a fan of Monica Reyes’s street style. Check out her cute blouses up for swap!


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Newsflash: Erzullie and Chubbly will give away samples from their line on this Sunday’s swap meet. Join us!

Fashion couldn’t get any sweeter each day  as more and more ladies are up for swapping this Sunday! And the most exciting part is Erzulie and Chubbly are giving away fabulous samples from their collections – yummy! Anything free and fabulous is fashion yummy!


So if you are a plus size gal with tons of stuffs to offload,  you are most welcome to join.

Please read full event details here.

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