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To help you start the year right, we’re giving you the chance to win some Bibles and devotionals that we’re giving away. You have two chances to win our awesome prizes.

1. The Artistic Way

Because it’s 2013, we’ll be picking 13 winners for this one! We’re giving away

10  Bibles (different versions!) 

3 Ryken’s Bible Handbook

Here’s how:

All you have to do is create an original poster / artwork / photo (with text) / sketch which shows your favorite Bible verse or your life verse. It has to be your original work (you can use watermarks to protect your work) and not just something you saved from google images or any other website. Simply post your creation on your FB or Twitter and paste the link in the comments section of this blog entry. Deadline for submission of entries is January 25. We’ll be choosing the 13…

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4 days to go! Join us!



Good morning Erzulliestas! Another beautiful day awaits us and to add more fabulousity, we would like to report that Erzullie: Fierce Fashion for Plus Size Ladies will be giving away for free some samples in this amazing eco chic event from the Pinay Curvies — the plus size swap meet.

Click on the poster ladies. This is your chance to update your wardrobe without spending a dime.


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Traveling Dahl

Where’s Waldo during the first two weeks in December? He finally took that long overdue return flight to his hometown in Southern Leyte to attend the fiesta and spend more time with his family and longtime friends. Come hell or Typhoon Bopha (locally known as Typhoon Pablo), nothing else can stop him from this homecoming. It’s been ten years since he left, you know.

Being a typical Pinoy that I am, I was quick to “suggest” what I’d like to get as pasalubong from his trip. My father hailed from Southern Leyte, too, and I remember enjoying their homegrown bananas with seeds that resemble black pepper. They were sweeter and the seeds made me take it slow and revel at every bite.  I have fond memories of their langka (jackfruit) and how it can transform my monster mum into a mute muse. (According to Waldo, jackfruits are not allowed in air…

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Almost 12 midnight and as we do our countdown let’s not forget to start the year right by pinning those fabulous resolutions for 2013. Definitely, we at Pinay Curvies is doing our share for this year by hosting our very first event(you heard it right!) and we want you, our lovely reader to be a part of it too. So without further ado, we invite you to our

Give to Gain

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It was sometime in November 2009 when I dreamt of putting up an interactive forum for Pinay plus size women. I imagined there’d be a wide range of topics and forum threads for them to participate in, monthly features of amazing curvies and, when it gets big and popular, offer articles, quizzes and other stuff. I was bursting with optimism and creative energies.

So I asked my friend for guidance as she’s running an IT company. In our email exchanges, it became apparent that I can’t afford my desired platform yet and neither can I do it by myself. So I came to the realization that I’ll take the long cut: start small and gather kindred spirits along the way. And so my self- and body acceptance blog Extra Seksi! was born. Remember this entry?

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Traveling Dahl

Last weekend, I joined Bread of Life Ministries celebrate their 30th anniversary and I was again reminded of how this Church became instrumental to my experential knowledge of Christ. Today, I would like to recall how I sought His presence earlier this year.

One of my goals this year is to go on a solitary sojourn into Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo City. Upon learning that our small group will spend the Holy Week in this mentioned retreat venue for prayer and fasting, I was possessed with great amount of delight and excitement. Never mind that I have the company of my friends, I am convinced that I will have umpteen opportunities to cry my broken heart out and hear His loving, reassuring voice. In preparation for this, I went on a 3-day juice feast and prayed for resilience. I’m so willing to trade this life-long practice of…

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Traveling Dahl

Waldo and I took a quick breather in Baguio City last weekend. Our itinerary involves gabfest with my college best friend-turned-kumare and godmother duties to her newborn angel, unofficial baby shower with my expectant friend-slash-kumare-to-be and tourist guide duties to my boyfriend. It’s his first time to reach the highlands.

That’s the challenge. I’ve been to Baguio countless times and the last time I took the tourist route was in freshman year in college (read: photo opp with the lion’s head along Kennon Road, Saturday morning in Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to watch the drill and swoon over the cadets, the works!). It’s always an affair with the locals each time I visit this cold city, except for that time I helped produce Saleng: Bonfires for Peace in Oh My Gulay for Traveling Bonfires in summer 2010.

Now, where should I take him? In my mind, Baguio is an endless stage that…

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Wow, somebody’s campaigning for me to make it to the Top 10 of Curvy Blog Award! Please, please vote for Extra Seksi! here: 9 days left before the voting period ends!





We love supporting our Erzulliestas’ dreams! ^^ Our sister in fashion, Lornadahl Campilan, owner of the blog, EXTRA SEKSI, has been NOMINATED to be one of the curvy bloggers to be sent to LONDON FASHION WEEK Autumn/Winter 2013!


Now for her to fully get this prize, she needs our help! Vote for her via this link: and clicking number 257 (


Voting ends on November 25th so feel free to promote and help her until then. ^^


It only takes less than a minute, girls! Lesssdoooothiiissssss!!!! ^^ ERZULLIESTA POWER! ^^





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Traveling Dahl

Now that everybody is most likely paying respects to their departed loved ones in observance of All Soul’s Day, I can’t help but recall about the burial site of our Badjao brothers and sisters during my recent visit in Zamboanga. Badjaos are one of our many ethnolinguistic groups in the country; better known as the sea-dwelling people. They used to have the coasts of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Zamboanga as their home but, thanks to the threats they faced, they left their floating homes to find solace elsewhere.

After this short stay in the lagoon, Kuya Richard told us we can also visit the Badjao cemetery before we head off to Sta. Cruz Island and its pinkish white sand. As you would expect from people with eternal bond with seas, their graveyard served as an exhibition of wooden boats and possibly carefully-designed toldas that served as shields against the elements. I…

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Traveling Dahl

Thanks to my friend Ina’s invitation to attend their International Coastal Clean Up Day and New Moon Party in Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera in Mindoro last weekend, I found the perfect opportunity to temporarily pause from my typically toxic quarter-end workload and serve the ailing earth. After all, the new moon is typically the onset of  meaningful manifestations or new undertakings. I have no specific intent in mind, but I could seriously use the chance to get away from it all and be reminded that there are bigger issues out there.

When I landed in the resort by Saturday noon, I found out I was already late to join the University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society (UP MBS) for the beach clean up and there’s no afternoon schedule for such. Since I’m still not a licensed diver (much to Ina’s chagrin), I can’t join the dive clean-up set in the afternoon…

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